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Ep.138 – Michelle Explains Anime, Poorly - A New Podcast!

Episode Notes

In this episode, we’ll discuss Chainsaw Man episode 1- Dog and Chainsaw. Here’s a fun breakdown of what to expect.

  • Opening sequence with the CG hallway
  • Denji sells his body parts for cheap to pay off his massive debt
  • Our first look at the opening animation and opening song, Kickback
  • Denji is a responsible tenant and pays his water bill!
  • Denji swallows a cigarette for 72 cents
  • My cat is currently sleeping upstairs
  • Where I live random shacks aren’t usually connected to public utilities
  • Pochita and Denji share a piece of white bread
  • Pochita is dangerous to hold 
  • Pochita flashback
  • Denji is coughing up blood
  • It sucks getting betrayed and stabbed
  • Getting chased and chopped up by zombies
  • Pochita and Denji make a new contract
  • The first appearance of chainsaw man
  • Makima’s deal
  • Closing thoughts
  • Favorite animators this episode: Shinsaku Kozuma, and Moaang

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